Installing Prometheus

Install Prometheus on the PI Cluster

Key Aspects

  • Install Prometheus
  • Access the dashboard for a web browser

Deploy Using helm

helm repo add kubedge2 ""
helm repo update

Direct installation from the repo

If you feel lucky:

helm install kubedge2/prometheus-arm32v7 --name prometheus

Two steps installation from local

If you want to better understand the setup:

helm fetch kubedge2/prometheus-arm32v7
tar xvf prometheus-arm32v7-7.3.4.tgz
cd prometheus-arm32v7/
helm install . --name prometheus

Source Code

The images creation scripts are availble under:

The chart is available under:


Run the delete command

helm delete --purge prometheus

release "prometheus" deleted


We still have to be able to create the images automatically using .travis.yml