Creating simple GO server container

GO is perfectly adapted to microservices since it can build standalone executable.

Key Aspects

  • Use SCRATCH has base image to keep size minimum
  • Simple HelloWorld GO web server
  • Create associated HELM chart for Kubernetes deployment
  • Provide deployment for both amd64 and arm32v7

Simple GO Server compilation

The gohttpserver repo showcases: - How to compile a GO process - How to leverage Travis to compile for amd64 and arm32v7. - Branch amd64 is for normal PC and HP server. - Branch arm32v7 produces software usable on Raspberry PI 3B+

Kubeplay Github repo

The kubeplay repo describes: - How to compile a GO server and - How to create a Helm chart to easily deploy on - How to use Travis-CI to compile and publish the image on with the proper tags. - The amd64 branch is kind of complete - The arm32v7 produces software deployable on Raspberry PI 3B+