Micro Services


    As we did for Go and Java, where is was possible to create an Dockerfile starting from “scratch”, the goal of this post is to create a python base server container with a minimum about of packages (debian and python) to reduce the security exposure of the container as well as the image size.

    Creating simple GO server container

    GO is perfectly adapted to microservices since it can build standalone executable.

    Creating simple Java 10 server container

    Very often people associated Java to quite bulky and difficult to use in the microservice context, unless you have very large image containing the JRE. But since Java 9, Java did kind of catchup with golang on the subject. Where you can obtain a standalone executable when we running go build, java is now proposing jlink which always you to acheive a very similar result. The goal of this post is to build a container image as small as possible running Java.

    Setup your GOLANG environment

    A lot of the opensource projects evolvoving around Kubernetes are written in go. It is very usefull to be able to rebuild so projects using go get or go build.