LTE to 5G Transition

PI is well adapted to simulate 5G and LTE networks:

  • The upstream wifi network from the master PI acts as the core network. You connect to the internet.
  • The master PI is running the LTE EPC and the 5G CORE components. Some of those of components such as SGW Gateway are running on the Master PI.
  • Some secondary PIs are used to simulate the LTE eNODEb and 5G NR nodes. 5G NR nodes (leveraging the Wifi spectrum).
  • The Ethernet cables act as the backhaul network between the EPC and eNodeB/5G NR.
  • a PI enabling its WIFI access point acts 5G NR nodes and spectrum.
  • a PI enabling its Bluetooth as an Personal Area Network acts an LTE or eLTE eNodeB (and spectrum)