Kubedge EPC Simulation

Install Kubedge EPC Application on the PI Cluster

Key Aspects

  • Install EPC
  • Test access to EPC

Deploy Using helm

helm repo add hack4easy "https://raw.githubusercontent.com/kubedge/helmrepos/arm32v7/hack4easy"
helm repo update

Apply the labels to the nodes

Ensure the right labels have been applied to the nodes where EPC is installed

For instance:

kubectl label nodes kubemaster-pi kubedgeNodeType=lte-core

Direct installation from the repo

If you feel lucky:

helm install hack4easy/kubesim-epc-arm32v7 --name sim-epc

Two steps installation from local

If you want to better understand the setup:

helm fetch hack4easy/kubesim-epc-arm32v7
tar xvf kubesim-epc-arm32v7-0.1.0.tgz
cd kubesim-epc-arm32v7/
helm install . --name sim-epc

Source Code

The images creation scripts are availble under:


$ helm delete --purge sim-epc

release "epc" deleted