Installing Grafana

Install Grafana on the PI Cluster. Grafana helps to plot the data in the system. It is an OSS like tools which helps to manage the kubedge cluster.

Key Aspects

  • Install Dashboard
  • Access the dashboard for a web browser

Deploy Using helm

Helm Chart is still work in progress

helm repo add kubedge2 ""
helm repo update

Direct installation from the repo

If you feel lucky:

helm install kubedge2/grafana-arm32v7 --name grafana

Two steps installation from local

If you want to better understand the setup:

helm fetch kubedge2/grafana-arm32v7
tar xvf grafana-arm32v7-1.17.4.tgz
cd grafana-arm32v7/
helm install . --name grafana

Source Code

The chart is available under:


Run the delete command

helm delete --purge grafana

release "grafana" deleted