sequenceDiagram participant UE_PC participant 5GNR_WorkerPI participant 5GC_MasterPI participant MPLSNetwork UE_PC->>5GNR_WorkerPI: Establish RAN Connection 5GNR_WorkerPI->>UE_PC: Return IP UE_PC->>5GNR_WorkerPI: wlan0/ran IP traffic loop Linux NAT 5GNR_WorkerPI->5GNR_WorkerPI: translate wlan0 IP into eth0 IP end 5GNR_WorkerPI->>5GC_MasterPI: eth0/backhaul IP traffic loop Linux NAT 5GC_MasterPI->5GC_MasterPI: translate eth0 IP into wlan0 IP end 5GC_MasterPI->>MPLSNetwork: wlan0/core IP traffic MPLSNetwork->>5GC_MasterPI: IP traffic 5GC_MasterPI->>5GNR_WorkerPI: IP traffic 5GNR_WorkerPI->>UE_PC: IP traffic

We are currently using NAT here to keep the simulation simple. It would be more accurate to use Linux Briding or OVS to simulate the fact that the SGW running on the EPC is “allocating” the IP address.

    Setting up HOSTAPD on 5G NR node

    This tutorial how to setup WIFI AccessPoint on PI simulating 5G NR node

    Setting up DHCPD on 5G NR Node

    This tutorial how to setup DHCPD and NAT so that the UE can access the internet through the AP & NAT running on 5G NR simulating PI. This tutorial also describe how to setup the DHCPD to automatically allocated IPs to UE or PCs.