Installing Kubedge Kubeplay

    Install simplistic Kubeplay Application on the PI Cluster. It is a primitiv golang based server which get the user to go through the entire DevOps process (to build the docker image) and deploy it using Helm on Kubedge.

    Installing Kubernetes Dashboard

    Install Kubernetes Dashboard on the PI Cluster

    Installing Kubedge Blinkt

    Install Kubedge Blinkt Application on the PI Cluster

    Installing Prometheus

    Install Prometheus on the PI Cluster

    Installing NATS

    Install NATS on the PI Cluster

    Installing Grafana

    Install Grafana on the PI Cluster. Grafana helps to plot the data in the system. It is an OSS like tools which helps to manage the kubedge cluster.

    Installing Kibana

    Install Kibana & fluentd on the PI Cluster. Kibana is a good maintenance/OSS tools allowing traces and logs analysis.